Gallery of Shades, LLC is Top Rated in Scottsdale

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Have You Met Silhouette Motorized Powerview Shades Yet?

silhouette motorized power shades

Unique window coverings. Is it even possible anymore? After all, shades, blinds, and shutters have been around for centuries in one form or another, so are there actually any real innovations that can take place in this industry any more? Absolutely, and Hunter Douglas has done it with the best-motorized window treatments on the market [...]

Which Room Darkening Shades are Best for a Kids Room?


You’ve worked hard to make your child’s bedroom look amazing. The last step? Fantastic shades. But what’s going to look great and still be safe in a child’s room? What about nap time? Which type of room darkening shades will work best? There are lots of window shade options that will reflect the style you’ve [...]

Consider This Before You Buy Blackout Curtains for Your Home

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What do you want to consider when you buy blackout curtains? It’s frustrating to get home and realize they don’t fit well enough, or they let light in from their edges. You don’t want them too bunched up, but you also don’t want to find your curtains coming up short. The best blackout curtains are [...]