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Home Office Window Treatments: What You Need to Know

Home Office Window Treatments What You Need to Know

Statistics suggest that thanks to the pandemic, nearly 71% of people are currently working from home. Often that means once-neglected home office spaces are getting a much-needed makeover, and while you may have initially considered your desk, chair, and wall color as the primary concerns in your makeover process, you may also want to factor [...]

Versatile Cellular Window Shades

Versatile Cellular Window Shades

As you shop for energy-efficient window coverings, you’re likely to come across a number of different options, but often cellular window shades are at the top of the list of the best window treatments available today. What is this window covering, though, and why is it considered to be one of the most efficient options [...]

Custom Roman Shades Add Beauty to Your Interior’s Design

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Roman shades come with many advantages.  They’re stylish window treatments that fit the window tightly. They’re flexible in terms of the number of colors and designs that work well, making them some of the best window treatments for a wide variety of situations and window placements. Custom Roman shades for the home are simple and practical, [...]